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Uistinu, Bog je tako ljubio svijet te je dao svoga Sina Jedinorođenca da nijedan koji u njega vjeruje ne propadne, nego da ima život vječni. 
(Iv 3:16)

Ko je Isus Krist?

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     The Christian Baptist Church in Novi Travnik came to existence as the result of the preaching of the Gospel. As a fellowship of believers born again by the Holy Spirit, we strive to follow the biblical model of the church which God has given us in His Word, the Holy Bible.
     We believe that the Bible is God-inspired and innerant. Thus, we believe that it is absolutely authoritative and sufficient for godly living. Therefore, we believe that only the Bible contains all that is needed for the salvation of man.
     We believe that the text of the Holy Bible was written to be read and understood by every believer.
     We believe that Christ's death on the Cross for our sins is sufficient to reconcile us to God through faith. We believe in the necessity of repentance and faith, that is of turning from our sins and receiving Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour, Teacher and Lord in order to be saved from God's wrath, hell and the power of sin in this present life. We believe salvation is a gracious gift of God and can not be earned through good deeds or works of the law, but only received through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.
     We believe that every person professing faith in Jesus Christ is called by God to be a part of the fellowship of saints - the Church - which is the body of Christ wherein He is the head and believers are its members.
     The purpose and the vision of our existence and efforts is to proclaim the Good News of salvation to every person under heaven. We gather together in order to worship God and make known his attributes through the proclamation and teaching of His Word; thanksgiving to Him for all we have and are and by living our lives for His glory. We believe the church of Jesus Christ needs to be a testimony that believers are a part of the family of God and thus, brothers and sisters in Christ. Therefore, every enmity between different peoples, nations, races and classes in the church of God should be abolished.
     As Christ's church we serve as the pillar and foundation of His Truth (His Word), and therefore we are open to every person who is interested in exploring biblical or spiritual questions.
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